What is altered art?

When we tried to answer the apparently simple question 'What is altered art?' by putting these words into the major search engines, we didn't find much actual information, mostly just a load of websites that were obviously Altered board book 'Memories' by Maria Adams trying to sell us something, and artists' blogs that didn't really explain anything.

That's why we decided to set up this website: to explain to those who don't know about altered art what it is, and how to do it. Don't worry, though, if you already know a bit about it, because we'll be catering for you too.

Here at altered-art.net we are on hand to answer all your questions about this exciting form of creative expression, as well as other related forms, like art dolls, mixed-media art, artist trading cards, ArtSquared and mail art, that are becoming increasingly popular.

Altered bamboo tiles by Maria Adams

We hope that there will be something here for more experienced artists, for those just starting out on the path, and also for those who just want to know more.


David and Maria

Come with us now on our journey...

Altered Art News
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Altered Art Questions and Answers
Do you have questions about altered art? We have the answers to your altered art questions...
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This page sets out the legal issues, policies, terms and conditions that you may need to know about when you use our website.
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Looking for information on altered art? This site map lists every page on the website, and will help you find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.
About Us and Altered Art
We're David and Maria Adams, and we'd like to tell you a bit about ourselves and how we came to be interested in altered art…
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Do you have any comments or questions about this website, or about altered art? Is there anything you would like to see on the site? Please feel free to contact us; we would love to hear from you…

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