How do I paint in oils over a decoupaged surface?

(United States of America)

I'd like to do some original oil painting over a decoupaged surface, either board or linen canvas. I would use old book pages to create the decoupaged surface, then seal it and paint over. I need an archival painting surface. Can you suggest materials and techniques?

We have no actual experience in this precise area (that of painting in oils over a decoupaged surface), but do have experience of successfully doing something very similar using acrylic paints. That being so, you may wish to check with your stockist or the manufacturer that there is no problem or disadvantage in following our advice in your particular case.

However, I've found nothing in my research that would lead me to suspect that there may be any such problem or disadvantage.

First, we'd recommend that if it isn't ready-prepared, and you haven't already done so, you should prepare your surface with gesso. We'd then suggest that you use Golden Matte Medium, both as an adhesive for your old book pages and to seal the surface before painting over it.

Golden is a brand that's widely available, and certainly in the United States. Their website is very helpful, and gives advice not only on the use of the matte medium, but also on the initial preparation of the surface.

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