Inchie on Twinchie on ATC

(Texas, USA)

Make an ATC that uses an inchie on a twinchie - clearly all three will be related to a single topic that is at the heart of the ATC. It is fun and challenging to come up with matching of colors and ephemera to create the two tiny items and work them fluently into the ATC. It takes planning, creativity, and patience to bring this to life - not hard but stretching your imagination.

Peggy, thank you for your very interesting suggestion.

We've suggested ourselves that inchies could be incorporated into larger pieces of artwork, such as artist trading cards or mixed-media canvases, but this is the first time that we've heard of this particular idea, which we hope will capture the imagination of our other visitors.

I guess that it's wide open for altered and mixed-media artists to show us anything and everything that they've created along these lines, and we'd certainly consider making a page if there's plenty of support.

It will be interesting to see what other visitors think. They can rate and make comments on this suggestion by clicking on this link, or the one that they'll find just below.
David Adams

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