Small Art, Big Impact

We've heard about an exhibition of artist trading cards, to be entitled Small Art, Big Impact - Artist Trading Cards, and held from mid-August to early September 2011 at the Oxford Community Arts Center in Oxford, Ohio. This is a terrific way to have your artwork seen and admired by a very 'arty' community.

The exhibition is open to artists of all ages, throughout the world, and working in any visual medium. Participants should send three artist trading cards, and will receive three randomly-chosen cards in exchange at the end of the event. There's no entry fee, and all entries that follow the submission guidelines will be accepted.

Further details, the submission guidelines and an entry form may be obtained from Stephanie Zing, or via her website at Bohemian Art Cafe.

Send your entries to:

Stephanie Zing
ATC Exhibit Curator
1250 W Ohio Pike #153
Ohio 45102

All entries must be received (not just postmarked) by 15th July 2011 in order to be included, and you should make sure that you have followed all the guidelines. The organisers will begin cataloguing and preparing the show exhibits immediately, but this could take some time depending on the number of cards received. The show itself will be from 12th August to 2nd September, and then a random swap will be carried out by the show committee. Traded cards should be mailed out no later than 15th September 2011.

Stephanie tells us that she is very excited to be curating this educational exhibition, and that there will be more activities related to artist trading cards, including workshops, trading sessions and artist talks, during the show. If you would like to receive details of these and other events, please contact her, quoting "Add Me to the Art Mailing List".

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