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A while ago we were thinking of starting an internet business. I'd even started looking at the business packages that a website company that we'd used in the past was offering, and planning what the site would look like, how we'd advertise…

Quite by chance a business acquaintance mentioned in an email another website company that he knew about, and I decided to take a look. Well, it wasn't very long before I discovered that we'd been going about things the wrong way. This company was different, but what they said made sense. They explained that the first thing we'd need to do was to attract free traffic, and told me how they'd be able to help with this, and everything else.

They stressed that this wasn't some sort of easy 'get rich quick' scheme. To be successful we'd need to invest time and effort. There'd be a financial investment too, of course, but the cost wasn't much more than we'd been paying the other website company just for hosting and the use of their sitebuilding tool.

When they compared the price of their basic package with the cost of other companies' products that we'd need to buy separately to get the same service, it was thousands of pounds less.

There was web hosting of course, and an easy-to-use sitebuilding tool, but also keyword research, search engine optimisation, automatic 'pinging' of the search engines, traffic reporting… The list seemed endless. We would get all of this for about the price of an average daily paper, we could pay either annually or monthly, and there was a money-back guarantee if we decided that it wasn't for us after all. So we tried it. It was hard work, but it was also a lot of fun.


Whilst being regularly maintained, in terms of its Alexa Traffic Rank this site was consistently rated well within the top 1% of all websites worldwide.

Have you got a passion?

If you have an interest, or even a passion, that you share with many others, then it may just form the basis of a profitable web-based business.

Ever wanted your own successful website?

Would you like to know about a great website company that will give you all the tools, help and advice that you'll need to build a successful online business, and all for much less than you'd think?

If you have an interest, or even a passion, that you think could form the basis of a successful online business, and you don't mind a bit of work over a period of time, this may be for you. Why not take a look?

Maybe you feel that this isn't for you, but you'd still like to have your own successful website. Perhaps you don't have the time or the inclination to do it yourself? The good news is that they've introduced a new service that allows you to take advantage of all their tools and expertise, but without the need to do it all yourself. Why not find out more?

This is also the only website company that I know of where the founder and CEO regularly visits and posts on the help and chat forums that are available to everyone, and can be emailed directly if you have any problems with getting support.

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If you've read all about our website company, and still have unanswered questions, why not ask us? We're always happy to help. There's absolutely no commitment, but it may just be your first step to a new life.

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