How can I transfer a picture onto canvas?

(Wichita, Kansas, United States)

Can you successfully transfer a picture onto a canvas? I'm pretty sure that you can do this, but I don't think that I've ever actually seen an example.

We're also sure that this can be done, although the only situation in which we've tried it ourselves was when applying rubber-stamped images to artist trading cards.

In our article about how to make canvas artist trading cards we briefly describe a technique for improving the quality of rubber-stamped images on the rough surface of the canvas. We recommend that you stamp them on tissue and stick this to the surface with decoupage glue, which dries clear. This gives the impression that the images have been stamped directly onto the canvas.

We recently received an enquiry from a visitor who wanted to know whether it was possible to transfer photographs of her grandchildren onto her bedroom furniture. We were able to suggest a number of ways that she might be able to transfer photographs to furniture. We believe that some of these methods may also be suitable for transferring pictures to a canvas.

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